When is The Buttermarket reopening?

We’ll be reopening our doors from 7pm on Saturday 4 July. For the time being, we’ll only be operating on Saturday nights.

Can I still order drinks at the bar or is it table service only?

We will only be operating table service for the time being.

Do I need to reserve a table?

Whilst you do not need to reserve a table, it is strongly encouraged. This can be done online at www.thebuttermarket.co.uk/events – in the event that our tables are fully occupied, we’ll be operating a queue with relevant social distancing requirements.

If you haven’t pre-booked a table, you will be required to fill in a short registration form to assist in Track & Trace should an outbreak occur in the nearby community. This information will be kept securely for a maximum of 21 days.

What have you done to prepare for reopening?

Venue-specific risk assessments, including COVID-19 control measures, have been undertaken and agreed on with our management team. Operating procedures have been reviewed and amended, as appropriate, with emphasis on reinforcing frequent and proper hand-washing and social-distancing control measures.

Will you provide PPE for staff?

Non-medical face-coverings, protective eyewear, visors and gloves will be made available, on request. PPE will be required for staff working in where there might be confined spaces. This will be determined by our risk assessment.

Will you be providing hand sanitiser for staff and customers?

Hand sanitiser stations will be located throughout the venue. These will be positioned at the entrance, outside toilets and at other locations.

How will you keep your venue clean?

Dedicated employees will be deployed, at all times, to clean and sanitise the venue, including the toilets. Tables will be cleared and sanitised after each use.

What measures have you taken to ensure safety for customers?

Furniture has been removed or rearranged to facilitate social distancing. Hand-sanitiser stations will be located at optimum points. There will be regular sanitising of contact points during trading hours.

How will you manage groups of customers?

Through the use of extensive signage, customers will be reminded about social-distancing guidelines. We are limiting groups to a maximum of six people. If customers do arrive in a large group or attempt to congregate in the venue after arrival, they will be asked to disperse around the venue, if capacity allows, or leave the premises.