R.E.M. by STIPE – the definitive live tribute
Friday, 29th November, 2024 - 6:00 pm
The Buttermarket
Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult

R.E.M. formed in 1980, in Athens, Georgia and by the mid-nineties earned the tagline ‘the biggest band on the planet’ from the music press.

They pioneered the alternative rock scene with relentless touring and a distinctive sound and entered the 90s mainstream without compromising their artistic vision. They remain as relevant today as ever.

Their music is instantly recognisable: ringing guitar lines, tasteful and clinical drumming, melodic bass, and sublime harmonies coupled with poetic (and political) lead vocals.

Continuing as a trio after the departure of drummer Bill Berry in 1997, R.E.M. broke up in September 2011, just as they had started: as friends. They have ruled out ever re-forming.

R.E.M. by Stipe, the Definitive Tribute reflect the core of R.E.M.: four highly-experienced musicians who embody Berry, Buck, Mills and Stipe, capturing the presence and performances of the band.

As huge fans of the band they are committed to holding true to the sound and overall aesthetic of R.E.M., so that fans, old and new, can experience the magic of hearing these songs played live with care, conviction, and affection.

They are joined on stage, as R.E.M. were, by additional musicians to help bring album tracks to life on stage. Each set-list is different, but every show celebrates this timeless music for fans of R.E.M.

Here is just a sample of what fans say about R.E.M. by Stipe, the Definitive Tribute:

Love, love, love this band; absolutely brilliant! For live R.E.M. music, then this is a must see.


The next best thing to experiencing the real band live again.


If you love R.E.M. then Stipe are a must- see. Always deliver a great and diverse set list.


The first time I saw you play I was genuinely blown away, that’s how good you sound. Looking forward to the next show in Dublin.


If you miss R.E.M. (or if you never saw them live) then Stipe are the next best thing to R.E.M. being back on tour.


The Buttermarket Howard St
Shrewsbury SY1 2LF