It’s been 18 months, 3 outdoor socially distanced events and a whole lot of waiting since we were last in The Cellars for a rave, so we thought we needed to come back with something special for Shropshire! Join us this October as we bring a massive D&B lineup to Shrewsbury…

The Headliners

1) Upgrade
2) Levela
3) T>I
4) Atom & Coda
Hosted by Carasel & Busta

This is a Shropshire debut for Upgrade, Levela & T>I, a selection of acts who we are sure need no introduction! Each with a distinct production style and incredible mixing talent, we can’t wait to hear them sweat that 30k Funktion 1 system!

Supporting on the night will be Subvert resident and Birmingham circuit veteran Escape, known for his energetic and heavy dancefloor destroying style.

In addition to Escape will be our newest resident Darkfada, a long term regular on the Shropshire scene known for Jump Up & Rollers, hosted by Subvert & Telford regulars Dribbz & Mon-Chi.

The Venue

The Buttermarket Cellars are Shropshire’s leading underground (literally!) venue, boasting a 30k Funktion 1 sound system and a network of brick arches throughout, its ideal for heavy sub bass! The Venue has over 20 years history hosting Drum & Bass events with some of the biggest names in the scene.

Both Shrewsbury train station and a new Premier Inn are only a 2 minute walk away.